Stepping up for Girls Across Kansas

February 3

On May 16, 2016, the parents of Derby High School students received an email:

Dear Parents,

Today at Derby High School, a local news outlet produced a story on the recent directive issued from the Federal government relating to transgender students and the use of public school restrooms. Prior to the news story, Derby Public Schools sought legal counsel on the issue. Based on this the district has directed Derby High School to comply with the guidance issued from the President, The United States Justice Department of Civil Rights and Department of Education.

Just like that there were no longer boys and girls bathrooms at Derby High School.

There had been no consultation with parents, no public meetings to discuss or debate such a significant and obviously controversial change in policy. Schools officials had received the Obama administration’s “Dear Colleague Letter on Transgender Students” just days earlier and unilaterally agreed to adopt its radical new interpretation of federal law. The letter, co-issued by the Department of Justice and Department of Education, claims that schools are required to “treat a student’s gender identity as the student’s sex for purposes of Title IX and its implementing regulations.”

In other words, a statute passed in 1972 to protect the rights of girls in educational programs and activities actually preserves the right of boys to identify as girls.

The parents of Derby were having none of it. Swiftly, they began working to preserve the privacy and safety of their daughters and sons and ensuring that their local school would not serve as a vehicle for the revisionist sexual agenda out of Washington, D.C. They spoke up at school board meetings, formed a Facebook group and collected petitions. In the time since, one school board member has been replaced and the superintendent has announced plans to retire.

Now, Family Policy Alliance of Kansas is stepping up to help the parents of Derby in their fight to replace the six remaining members of the school board.

See, this is about more than Derby. Every public school in Kansas received the Obama administration letter and school officials are deciding whether to comply. If we can prove to them that parents won’t have it and there will be repercussions, we won’t be ignored.

We need your help.

The recently introduced Kansas Student Privacy Act instructs schools to maintain separate facilities for boys and girls. It also requires administrators to provide reasonable accommodations for those who ask. Enacting this fair, commonsense law is going to be a battle in Topeka. Will you sign our petition and help move it forward?

Thank you, as ever, for your concern and support of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas. To borrow from The Beatles, “we get by with a LOT of help from our friends.”


Eric Teetsel