Report Back: Statesmen Academy

April 25

Last July, Jim Banks attended Family Policy Foundation’s first Statesmen Academy as a state senator from Indiana. And a few weeks ago, as a freshman congressman, he took the speaker’s chair to preside over the U.S. House of Representatives.

Congressman Banks is one of several Statesmen attendees who are already stepping up to defend the family at new levels of leadership, thanks to the training they received through your generous support of Family Policy Foundation.

One of his 2016 classmates, Rep. Dean Arp from North Carolina, decided as a result of attending the Academy to run for Majority Whip in his state legislature. After winning that leadership race, he played a key role in stopping efforts to repeal North Carolina’s new law that protects the safety and privacy of women and girls in vulnerable places like bathrooms.

In Colorado, fellow 2016 Statesmen alum Rep. Patrick Neville was hesitant to run for a leadership position because of his young family. But his wife, who attended the Statesmen Academy with him, came away emboldened by the training and encouraged him to run. He’s now serving as Minority Leader of the Colorado House.

Meanwhile, Jim Banks calls the Statesmen Academy “outstanding” and encourages other rising legislators – and those called to run for office in the future – to attend. “I will be one of your best ambassadors for [your future] events.” Because of sacrificial gifts from you and other pro-family Americans, the next Statesmen Academy will be held the last week of July – training 40 rising leaders how to stand strong and lead effectively.