The End of a Sad Era (Hopefully)

May 5

As a new reconciliation bill works its way through Congress, we have sincere hope that Planned Parenthood will no longer be the recipient of our hard-earned tax dollars. The days of government-funded murder could be nearing an end!

But we must keep the pressure up.

Join with fellow champions of the preborn today by contacting your lawmakers to urge them to keep Planned Parenthood funding out of the budget.

This week, many of us will have joined our brothers and sisters in prayer for our nation. What great timing that those prayers come at such a pivotal moment.

We all are thankful to live in the United States of America, a nation that, while flawed, is unique in the course of history. Despite this privilege, we cannot sit idly by while money that you and I pay in taxes to our government –money that should be spent on national defense, infrastructure, and basic societal needs – is  being given to an organization that rips babies from the womb and kills them.

My friends, enough is enough.

If there was ever a time when defunding this evil organization should be politically feasible, that time is now. However, the “swamp” in DC is resisting this vitally important change and does not allow us to rest easy.

It is up to us to remind our politicians just how egregious the sins of Planned Parenthood are. The President and many pro-life members of Congress have promised to defund them, we must let them know that we will not allow them to keep their elected responsibilities if they fail to keep that vow.

Take Action with us by contacting your senators and representative today!

Now is an important time for our voices to be heard. Together, we can affect change to defeat government-funded murder. May the Lord bless these efforts!

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
Executive Director

Let your senators and representative know that you want them to defund Planned Parenthood.