Finding Fresh Air in Cultural Fires

August 11

Idaho is such a great place to live! We love our freedom, our independence and our sense of community. We love our great summer days here. And as we near the middle of August and summer threatens to wind down, the smoke in the air tells us that summer heat is still hanging on.

Lately, we have been waking up to a bright red-orange sunrise. We are greeted with “air we can see” and a weather forecaster telling us of another “air quality alert” day. Our Idaho seems to be covered in a haze that obscures our view of the mountains and hangs in the air between the plants and trees in town. Yet, even in the smoke and haze, we love living and raising our families here. Because Idaho is a gift.

As I was driving through our hazy air this week, unable to see landmarks like the Boise foothills and Bogus Basin, it occurred to me that families are laboring under a similar haze. This cultural pollution comes from multiple sources, and makes the oxygen of freedom, difficult to find. Media, education, politics, entertainment, the internet and social media all seem to be spewing particulates that obscure family, faith and freedom.

This means that just as we must be diligent to guard against fires in our environment, we must also be diligent to guard against the flames that rage against biblical truth.

Our launch of Family Policy Alliance of Idaho could not have come at a better time. Family Policy Alliance of Idaho will increase our “bandwidth” to strategically deal with growing cultural threats in our state.

This Christ-centered organization is part of a larger movement of states with a national presence. Our vision is an Idaho where God is Honored, Religious Freedom Flourishes, Families Thrive, and Life is Cherished. Working toward this vision together, we can clear the cultural air and fight to extinguish the flames that seek to deny family, faith, freedom and life.

Family Policy Alliance of Idaho will engage in four strategic spheres to help protect family values:

  • Alliance building: Working intentionally to build strong alliances with churches and other pro-family groups to develop strategies that advance a culture of religious liberty, family and life.
  • Advancing policy: Working in Boise, promoting sound policy to protect your family and your values by providing legislators the tools and information they need to protect our communities, our neighbors and our families.
  • Rallying voters: Using Family Policy Alliance’s technology and strategic assistance to mobilize Christian voters to elect the candidates who best reflect our shared biblical and family values.
  • Citizens’ voice: Equipping pro-family citizens to understand the issues and raise their voices in support of legislation that protects their families.

With our sleeves rolled up, Family Policy Alliance of Idaho has already hit the ground running!

With your help, we sent two Idaho legislators to the Statesman Academy in Colorado Springs last month. Understanding that politics and policy is one of the fronts on which the cultural fire is burning, the Statesman Academy helps advance biblical citizenship and train statesman who hold Judeo-Christian moral beliefs to serve boldly and effectively. It’s a project of our sister organization, Family Policy Foundation.

As 2017 progresses, we will strengthen our efforts to serve the Church, building on our strong alliances with like-minded organizations, while we also gather tools for Christian citizens to promote stewardship of our great state.

In order to get moving on these strategic goals, we need your help. Would you partner with us financially to work to clear the cultural smoke out of our great state?


Julie Lynde
Policy Director

TAKE ACTION: Family Policy Alliance of Idaho is passionate about standing strong for pro-life family values while pushing back against destructive cultural influences. Your help is needed today in this battle. Please consider partnering in this work with a financial gift today.