Lessons from a Dog

October 13

Let me introduce you to Sasha, our German Shepherd. Sasha is the most loving dog our family has been privileged to own, and she is immensely spoiled. She has been part of our family since puppyhood and is a key member of our family “pack”. Like most German Shepherds, she sheds enormous amounts of fur all year long, which has effectively killed a few vacuums over the years. She’s smart to the point of being scary sometimes, although she doesn’t always use that brain for constructive purposes. Finally, she’s an elderly lady of 12 years old and still in great health, so we are blessed and hope that she will be around for many more years.

Aside from bragging about our furry family member, what does this have to do with Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota? Two words: unconditional love. Sasha has had a significant effect on all our lives, but the thing that has struck me over the years is her unconditional love. Even when she can tell I’m upset at her, such as when she chowed down on the raw hamburgers I had set aside for grilling, she was by my side wagging her tail a few minutes later. That example, and many more over the years, has given me a glimpse into what true unconditional love means.

Unconditional love is hard. As humans, we gravitate toward those who love us back. However, I maintain that Paul meant it when he wrote in I Corinthians 13:13, “So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

We have many people and organizations that directly oppose Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota and all of us who share our Christian beliefs in the public square. It’s tough to love them when they advocate for abortion, the aggressive LGBTQ agenda, or want to limit religious liberty for Christians. But love is the order of the day.

In these situations, we still must love the people, while being open about our disagreement on the issues. So today, I ask you to pray for people who stand opposed to us. Ask the Lord to change their hearts and speak truth into their lives. Take a lesson from Sasha. Unconditional love is a powerful, life-changing force. Let’s make a difference by showing the world that Christ’s love can change anything!


Mark Jorritsma
Executive Director