Your State’s Education Department – Do You Know What’s Going On?

November 9

“There is no way that my state would threaten my daughter’s safety by allowing boys in her bathroom.”

Many parents in Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota probably thought the same thing. Yet, these are all states where the state Department or Board of Education has decided to issue a rule mandating that schools in the state change their policies on gender, at the risk of the privacy and safety of all students in the state. This is typical tactic of the Left. Activists know they would not be able to properly pass legislation changing the rules on gender through the state legislature, so they look to administrative departments, like Departments of Education, to issue directives with minimal public input from parents and families.

Just this summer, the Minnesota Department of Education released a “Transgender Toolkit,” guiding schools to allow students to use the bathroom or shower facility of whichever sex they identify with, regardless of their actual sex. The Toolkit also comes with implications to freedom of speech, directing schools to stop referring to students with sex-specific pronouns like he, she, him or her.  A decision to use a pronoun other than the ones preferred will likely be considered verbal harassment.

John Helmberger, President & CEO of Family Policy Alliance’s state ally, Minnesota Family Council, shared how they’re working hard to help families in his state: “No student should ever be pressured to undress, shower or share a bedroom with someone of the opposite biological sex, or be forced to use language that’s false and contradicts their sincerely held beliefs – nor should parents ever be threatened with investigation for abuse if they don’t affirm their child’s gender confusion – yet these are exactly the kind of situations the Transgender Toolkit promotes. We’re encouraging parents to watch their school districts closely to ensure student privacy, free speech and parents’ rights are protected.”

Delaware’s Department of Education is now considering a new regulation that would also force schools to allow students to use the bathroom or shower facility of their choosing, regardless of sex, and permit boys to access girls’ sports teams. The Delaware rule would also permit students to select their own sex and race — without requiring that parents give consent or even be notified!

Nicole Theis, president of Family Policy Alliance’s state ally, Delaware Family Policy Council, warned parents: ““It’s a safety and privacy concern when any student of any age, at any time, can claim or self-identify as the opposite gender and have access to the locker rooms, showers, restrooms, overnight accommodations, and any school activity, such as sports teams, that is gender specific. No federal law requires school districts to grant students access to facilities dedicated to the opposite sex.”

Even beyond the important privacy and safety concerns for students, these policies that change the rules on gender could subject teachers, staff, and even students to disciplinary actions or censored speech if they use the “wrong gender” pronoun when referring to a student or express a Christian view of gender and sexuality. Some of these policies go so far as to require teachers and staff to have “sensitivity training.”

Here’s the bottom line:  Every child, including children struggling with gender identity, deserves to be safe and valued at school. Local school districts can work to accommodate the needs of these individual students without issuing state-wide mandates that violate the privacy and safety rights of all students.

The question is—do you know what’s going on in your state that will impact your children’s or grandchildren’s schools?

This information is not meant to scare, but rather is meant to encourage you to stay involved and not allow similar policies to slip into your child’s school. If you haven’t had a chance yet to update your information with us, please make sure we have your address (not just your email), so we can send you alerts and information about what’s happening specific to your state!

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Thank you for joining our alliance to protect life, families and religious freedom in your state — and every state!

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