How Tired Are You of Fundraising Asks Right Now?

December 8

Dear Friends,

Are you tired of it yet?

It’s December, which means those who – like me – rely on the generosity of our supporters are busily reminding them it’s not too late to give. Undoubtedly, you’ve been the recipient of our emails, letters, and phone calls. (Frankly, if you’re still reading this, it’s a minor miracle.)

Asking for money is not my favorite part of this job. I would rather be speaking to a group of Christians about what the Bible teaches regarding citizenship, or working with colleagues on legislation to preserve fundamental rights, or read the latest research proving the centrality of strong families in healthy communities. Heck, there are times I’d rather be getting called names on Twitter. There are however two crucial facts that inspire me to do the fundraising required:

First, I believe the work of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas is one important way I fulfill God’s call for me to love my neighbor. The law can seem a sterile, distant force, but the fact is it has a direct impact on the lives of citizens. Public policies will either be just or unjust. They will help or hurt. As a Christian, I believe I have a responsibility to fight for laws that encourage human flourishing because I love my neighbor.

Second, I believe you want this too. You want to see the dignity of every human life recognized, the family upheld as the foundation of society, and religious freedom preserved for all. But you don’t get to do policy and politics for a living. God has given you a different calling, so you have to rely on Family Policy Alliance of Kansas to advance these causes. What a privilege it is for me to do this work on your behalf. It’s not a duty I take lightly.

So, this isn’t like selling cars or getting you to upgrade your cable package; I’m proud to ask you to support Family Policy Alliance of Kansas. I believe in our work and I believe God has blessed each of us with our own unique role in making Kansas a better place to live and raise a family.

Oh – one last thing. There are lots of worthy non-profit organizations and ministries out there who rely on generous donors. If you feel led to support Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, thank God! But, if you feel led to support someone else, thank God! He’s got a plan, he knows how the pieces come together. We can trust Him to get it right.


Eric Teetsel
President & Executive Director