Why Do You Give to Charitable Organizations?

February 7

There are many answers to this question: tax deductibility, a form of tithing, it simply makes you feel good, and similar motivations. All of these are worthwhile reasons that can figure into your charitable giving but let me offer an overarching answer.

You give to charitable organizations because they stand for, defend, and represent your values. If you believe that pro-life and pro-family values matter, may I suggest you donate to Family Policy Foundation of North Dakota (the tax-deductible sister organization of Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota) tomorrow on Giving Hearts Day.

Remember, Giving Hearts Day goes from 12:00am tomorrow morning through midnight tomorrow night. For those who hold Christian values, it’s a special day to come together and support those beliefs which we hold most dear and which form the foundation of who we are.

Click on the image above to hear a message from a young woman about why donating to Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is a priority for her. Remember, the work of Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota impacts not only our generation, but her generation and those to come.

To donate, simply visit GivingHeartsDay.org and type in “Family Policy Foundation” to find us. All gifts over $10 will be DOUBLED, up to $6,000. So please prayerfully consider supporting our organization.

Your pro-life and pro-family values matter, and Family Policy Alliance is committed to doing everything we can to protect and advance them!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director