Remember When Bathrooms Were Just Bathrooms?

February 13

Remember When Bathrooms Were Just Bathrooms?

By Autumn Leva, VP of Strategy

Remember not so long ago when bathrooms and locker rooms were just bathrooms and locker rooms, instead of the Left’s battleground for social experiments?

We do too—and so does President Trump’s Administration.

In 2016, President Obama’s Administration radically reinterpreted a federal law called Title IX. Ironically, Title IX was designed to give equal access to educational opportunities to girls—but the Obama Administration used Title IX to force schools to permit men and boys (who self-identify as female) to access girls’ locker rooms, showers and bathrooms—or vice versa. This mandate turned Title IX and its accompanying regulations on its head, prompting several states to sue the Obama Administration.

You may remember that Family Policy Alliance partnered with a radical feminist group, and together we also took our argument to the Supreme Court. We argued that if even a pro-family, Christian conservative group and a radical left feminist group can agree that the Obama Administration’s new interpretation of a longstanding law is wrong—then it must be wrong. Check out the video where we explain the arguments we gave to the Court.

When President Trump came into office and appointed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, they decided that they would not follow the Obama Administration’s interpretation of Title IX—freeing schools from Obama’s “bathroom mandate.”

Just yesterday, President Trump’s Education Department also announced that they would not investigate any claims of “discrimination” because a student identifying as transgender was not permitted by a school to use the showers or bathrooms of the opposite sex. This act restores the original purpose of Title IX and prevents children’s locker rooms and bathrooms from being used as battlegrounds for the Left’s political agenda.

Thank you, to President Trump and Secretary DeVos!

But, as the family of Believers, we need to know that the “bathroom issue” isn’t going away. Sadly, many individual schools or states have been passing policies to permit men and boys access to girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms out of fear of being called “discriminatory.” Our responsibility to protect all children’s privacy and safety should be bigger than any fear of being labeled as a “discriminator.”

Please let us know if your school has passed a bad “bathroom” policy, risking children’s privacy and safety. We want to partner with you to fight for good policies that will protect all children. And, please be alert to the kinds of policies your state may be considering on this issue—let your friends and family know that Family Policy Alliance can provide state-specific alerts when state legislatures are considering harmful policies like a “bathroom mandate.”