A Child Saved

March 15

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota partners with many other pro-family and pro-life organizations throughout the state to advance your most cherished values. A story highlighted by FirstChoice Clinic, one of our partners, caught my attention. FirstChoice Clinic staff experienced a “first” when they were able to guide a young pregnant woman through a chemical-abortion reversal, undoing the effects of the RU486 drug that would have ended the life of her baby.

This pregnant woman had been conflicted over her decision to abort her child through chemical means and began to have doubts after ingesting one of two pills given to her by the Red River Women’s Clinic (the abortion clinic in North Dakota that takes the lives of roughly 1,200 preborn children each year). The RU486 abortion process begins to take place when the first of two pills is taken by the mother.

Even though this young mother had taken the first of these, she regretted her decision and now wanted her child to live.

She called the abortion facility, but was told it was too late and that she should just consume the remaining pill and move forward with the abortion. She then contacted our partner, FirstChoice, and they told her the truth – that she could still stop the process – and they provided a prescription to undo the chemical abortion.

Shortly thereafter she had the joy of witnessing the ultrasound image of her beautiful baby safely tucked in her womb. She carried her preborn child to full term and her healthy little baby boy was born months later!

This story is important for a few reasons. First, it highlights the critical nature of the work of Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota and its allies like FirstChoice Clinic in protecting our children through efforts in the policy arena, providing medical services, and even reaching out firsthand to expectant mothers on the curb in front of our state’s abortion clinic.

Second, it shows to what lengths the abortion industry is willing to go to kill these children. They did not share the truth with a mother about a life-saving option for her child. If we cannot trust them to tell the truth to a young mother, it brings into question the other “information” they provide to these vulnerable women and the public at large.

Finally, it gives hope. Hope is a powerful thing, and when someone feels they are “at the end of their rope”, hope can seem very far away. But our hope is in Christ, and that hope conquers all. As it says in Jeremiah 29:11, For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for peace and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. God had a plan and future for this little child.

That young mother received hope, by God’s grace, and through that hope the precious life of her child was saved. May we continue to pray and trust in the Lord that all these young mothers considering abortion may find the hope they need to let these children live, and may we never give up electing and supporting leaders who cherish life and are willing to fight on behalf of these little ones.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director