Yesterday Was A Big Day for Parental Rights Here In Georgia

March 22

Senate Bill 437, which we have written about previously, passed the House Juvenile Justice Committee Wednesday. This law would change pivotal language from a doctor “may” get parental consent to place a DNR order on a minor to a doctor may place such an order “only with” parental consent. In a case where just a couple of words can make all the difference, we are thankful to Sen. Chuck Payne for working with us on this legislation.

Additionally, Senate Resolution 681, sponsored by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia endorsed candidate Sen. Marty Harbin, also passed out of committee. This resolution calls on Congress to pass a Parental Rights Amendment to secure those fundamental rights against the machinations of the radical Left.

Praise the Lord for these wins and please continue to be in prayer as we seek to get this legislation on the floor of the House, passed, and signed by the governor!

Yet, we cannot forget that this legislative session has also seen intense opposition to school choice- a key parental right. Moreover, religious freedom legislation- protecting our first liberty and also having profound parental rights implications- has faced opposition so intense it never received a vote. Currently, the Keep Faith in Adoptions Bill is languishing in the House Judiciary Committee with time running out.

Despite some wins, we need a culture change under the Gold Dome!

To forge that change, here are some things you can do: 1) pray- this will take the Lord’s leading, 2) continue responding to our action alerts to hold your legislator accountable, 3) circle May 22nd on your calendar- this primary election is critical, and 4) consider a contribution for Family Policy Alliance of Georgia to fund our lobbying and election efforts.

We are called to action for such a time as this- knowing opportunity exists, the opposition is intense, and the state is at a crossroads. We look forward to continuing the fight.

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director