ANCHORAGE: Why Your YES Vote on Prop 1 Could Be Crucial

March 29

How important is your vote for privacy this Tuesday?

For women and girls who live in or visit Anchorage, your vote could make the difference between their privacy being violated or not.  Even if the polls weren’t close, that’s a huge reason to make your voice heard with your vote – simply because it’s right.

But the polls are close – close enough to remind me of two previous elections.

  • One was last fall in Virginia – a state House race that would determine which party controlled the entire House. After recounts, it ended in an exact tie.  Thankfully – for life and religious freedom – a coin flip to decide the race went the right way.
  • Rare?   But not that rare.  I know, because a number of years ago, I voted in another state legislative race that also ended in a tie.  Instead of a coin flip, this race went to the state legislature to decide, and they chose in favor of the pro-life, pro-family candidate.  I’ve never been so glad that I voted!

And countless races – including major races – have been decided by a single vote per precinct.

Will you be that vote?  Be sure your ballot is postmarked no later than this Tuesday, April 3.

And even if you’ve already voted, will you remind friends, family and church members to vote YES to protect privacy in Anchorage?  If they need more information, here’s a helpful article to share with them.

This vote is critical.  That’s why Family Policy Alliance has invested so much in this effort, joining with our allies at Alaska Family Action.

And thank you for making a difference with your vote!

John Paulton
Family Policy Alliance

P.S.  Please also forward or share this information with others, as every vote is critical!  If you live outside of Anchorage, please share with Anchorage voters.  Thank you!