The New Improved Roseanne

April 5

As many of you may remember, the sitcom Roseanne aired for most of the ‘90s. It was certainly not one of my favorite shows, and after a couple episodes I left to view other television offerings. I found the show to be offensive in many respects, despite the glowing ratings and reviews it received from the media.

One of the show’s key tenants was to introduce provocative storylines, such as introducing gay characters and giving credibility to abortion as a viable alternative for a pregnant mother . The show’s moral compass was severely lacking to say the least, and unfortunately helped to normalize some of the worst possible influences on our society.

So now it’s 2018, and there has been a reboot of the series. One of the most significant differences is that Roseanne and her family are portrayed as supporters of President Trump. You would think that would bring some comfort to those of us who believe in a Christian worldview…but hold your enthusiasm.

After just two episodes, it is quite apparent that it’s the same old Roseanne, albeit in a slightly more nuanced package. These episodes have already addressed a cross-dressing seven-year-old and more implicitly the abortion issue under the guise of surrogacy. In other words, it pays lip service to conservative Christians, but not much has changed in its message.

I had a small glimmer of hope when I first heard about this new version of the show, but it’s once again disappointing. However, what is perhaps even more disheartening is that these issues are considered even more mainstream since the show first aired a couple decades ago. The new show doesn’t need to shove these issues down our throats, but simply needs to further legitimize them in a culture whose acceptance is already established in many ways.

Despite this discouraging outlook, we should not give up spreading our message of love, forgiveness, and Christian values. Pray that the show’s producers reconsider their message, and please reach out to them to express your views. We can make a difference, but only by speaking out. Let your voice be heard!

Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ.  Ephesians 4:15


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

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