Some Heartbreak, a LOT of #WINNING, and More to Do

May 24

The Georgia primary has come and gone, and Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is one of the big winners. In 13 of the 16 races we were engaged in, our endorsed candidate won! Here are some of the highlights:

  • All 3 2017 Statesmen Academy alums who were running for their Party’s nomination won outright (Sen. Chuck Payne, Ken Pullin, and Annette Davis Jackson).
  • One of those, Ken Pullin, became one of the big stories around the state when he soundly defeated a well-funded incumbent State Representative with 63% of the vote!
  • A 4th Statesmen, Judge Cassandra Kirk, became the first elected Chief Magistrate in Fulton County history with a landslide victory!
  • For Lt. Governor, our endorsed candidate, Sen. David Shafer, dominated and only narrowly missed avoiding a runoff.
  • Endorsed conservative incumbents like Sen. Marty Harbin, Rep. Sheri Gilligan, Rep. David Stover, and Rep. Matt Gurtler emerged victorious over the liberal special interests that opposed them.
  • We were undefeated in races where we produced direct mail, and we had an 89% win percentage in races where we ran Election Eve phone calls.
  • In open races, Kelly Stewart was dominant in District 50, and Pastor Kipper Tabb is headed for a key runoff in District 97.
  • Hundreds of thousands of Georgia voters saw or heard our digital video ads, direct mail pieces, emails, and phone calls- which expands our brand and influence.
  • There are many other outstanding nuggets, and we are so thankful!

There is plenty of cause for celebration, and, make no mistake about it, this election was a GREAT night for our organization. But, there is also cause for heartbreak.

As you know, we worked very hard to elect Michael Williams as our next governor. No other candidate was willing to boldly speak on our issue in the primary as Michael was. He stood strong, fought hard, and would have made an outstanding executive of our state. I told him before the election that whether he received 1% or 51%, I was proud to have supported his candidacy, and I meant it. We didn’t sell out, we held to the standard, and we supported the right guy.

Other losses that sting are Franklin Rozier and Sam Thomas who were running for State Representative. Thomas remains a rising star who figures to be a major player in the movement despite the setback of losing to an entrenched incumbent.

Emerging from this primary, we are in a stronger position than we were going in. But, work remains. Currently, we are exploring our next move in the race for governor and evaluating other campaigns that were clarified on Tuesday. Also, we will be working tirelessly to deliver victories for David Shafer and Kipper Tabb as they engage in their runoff elections!

Please keep these efforts in your prayers!

Praising our Great God,

Cole Muzio
President & Executive Director

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