Why I am voting Kemp-Shafer

July 23

 I will get right to the point. Today, I am writing today about why I believe it is imperative that Georgia conservatives unite behind Brian Kemp and David Shafer in tomorrow’s election.

Universally trusted and respected among conservatives, Brian and David have proven a commitment to putting good policy ahead of the demands of special interests. Just as important, they understand what makes good policy, and they both support religious freedom, the right to life, school choice, and other issues that put Georgia families first.

As our state’s executive, Brian will make us proud. He is a man of integrity who has honored the Lord in his personal life, businesses, and public service. On the issues, Brian Kemp doesn’t waver, and he isn’t afraid to be politically incorrect. His boldness will serve him well when the special interests, media, and radical Left attacks him for his conservative accomplishments. And, his leadership experience will be seen as he works to deliver greater opportunity, prosperity, and freedom for the next generation of Georgians.

With Brian Kemp leading our state, David Shafer will be busy doing what he does best- leading the charge to deliver legislative victories for conservatives. A masterful legislator, David’s name is on virtually every pro-family bill, and he has engineered Georgia’s most significant movement wins. As our Lt. Governor, we can count on David Shafer to once again be a conservative workhorse for Georgia families.

Let me be clear: I believe the Left wants our state. We face an existential threat in November, and we must come together after this runoff election. But, in the meantime, we have a choice.

If you want to end the reign of special interests in our state, go in a more conservative direction, and forge a Georgia we can enthusiastically pass on to future generations, then join me in supporting Brian Kemp and David Shafer. These men both have the character, conviction, and credentials to build on our state’s successes while also returning the state to the values and principles that made it great in the first place.

Brian Kemp and David Shafer can and will win in November. And, as they lead our state, the can honor God while ushering in a new era where religious freedom flourishes, families thive, and life is cherished.

If you have any questions about why I am supporting these two leaders and their positive, conservative agenda, please email me. My sincere hope is that the decision we make tomorrow will bring an unparalleled slate of conservative victories for our state for years to come. If we choose Brian Kemp and David Shafer, I sincerely believe it will.

For a Stronger and Freer Georgia,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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