It’s About You, Churches!

September 20

I had the privilege to talk with more than 35 North Dakota pastors over the past two weeks, both in group meetings and one-on-one. I have a deep and abiding respect for pastors and their challenging jobs. Being a pastor is nowhere near a just 40-hour-per-week occupation, but individuals are faithful to God’s call and follow this sacred calling, as they obediently follow Him.

During my discussions with pastors of various denominations, ages, and backgrounds, a few themes emerged. All the pastors I talked with had these things in common.

  • Love their congregations. They have a servant heart for their parishioners and want to help them grow and mature in all aspects of their faith.
  • Want to grow their churches. It’s not just a “numbers game”, but they want to reach ever more individuals for Christ.
  • Are willing to let someone come alongside and help connect biblical teachings to contemporary issues. This isn’t to say that pastors can’t/don’t already do this, but any help is appreciated, given the many demands on their time and resources.

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota can help with all these aspects of ministry. We provide resources which speak to living one’s faith in the political arena, business world, and as an individual/family. We have thousands of connections to groups and ministry partners across our state who support the biblical values preached from the pulpits of North Dakota churches. In turn, pastors have networks that can help us better serve them in communicating how best to defend Christian values on key cultural issues.  Finally, we know the contemporary cultural and political issues.  We deal with these issues on a day-to-day basis, at the state and national levels, so we are able to speak into them with deep knowledge and provide context from a Christian perspective that pastors and their congregations can use on a practical level.

Why does partnering with churches matter so much to us at Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota? Revival comes from churches, and our country needs revival now more than ever. Culture has been shaped for the past 50 years by those who despise Christian values and will do everything in their power to stop us. We’ve been cast by the media as hateful and close-minded, been ridiculed by those who shape our culture, such as Hollywood, and watched as those who detest our biblical values have populated the judicial system to support their ideology. What have we done? We’ve gone on the defensive.

I’m sick and tired of always being on the defensive as Christians, and the church is the primary vehicle through which we can change this. Speaking truth in love, knowing how to address contemporary cultural issues from a biblical perspective, and not being afraid to mobilize the body of Christ is how we do that. Church leaders, I’m here to tell you that Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is ready and willing to serve you and make this happen. Let’s move forward bravely in partnership and in the strength of the Lord to change our culture for His kingdom.

Be strong and courageous. Don’t be fearful or discouraged, because the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director