“Where Are We?” and “Where Are We Going?”

December 13

I LOVE my son Cade, but he’s, um… a little different. Everyone who has ever met him knows that he is 100% unique and 100% trouble, and he cracks me up in countless ways.

One of the ways he makes me laugh is his constant question of “where are we?” every time he goes somewhere. We’ll be out, and he’ll ask to go potty. The moment we step into the bathroom he says, “where are we?” despite having asked to go there and seeing that it looks like every other bathroom.

We walk into Chick fil a- somewhere he has been quite often in his nearly 3 years on this planet- “where are we?”

We go to a store “where are we?”

We come home from an outing “where are we?”

What makes the question even more amusing is that EVERY time- without fail- he will ask while getting ready to go somewhere “where are we going?” This crazy child insists on knowing where we are headed, confirming the location once we arrive, and gathering new information every time he enters somewhere different- even if it is an ultra-familiar place like his own house.

But, while his extreme persistence on the issue is humorous and the cute manner in which he asks the questions will stay with me forever, Cade isn’t all that different than the rest of us. We all want to know where we are and where we are headed, don’t we?

As we begin to close 2018, I want to share with you briefly where Family Policy Alliance of Georgia® is and where we, with your help and the Lord’s will, hope to be.

With the culmination of the elections, we have now progressed from what I described early on as “Phase 1” to “Phase 2” of our organization’s development- one that has transitioned from a relevant factor in Georgia politics to one that is a serious force. And, I am pushing for more.

Here’s some of what you helped us accomplish in 2018:

  • Our team authored 3 bills and supported many others under the Gold Dome. FPA authored legislation was covered by the AJC, Fox 5, and other local and national outlets.
  • We trained 4 pro-family leaders at the Family Policy Foundation® Statesmen Academy™- furthering a coalition of allies partnering with us at the Capitol.
  • In the primary election, 13 of our 16 endorsed candidates advanced- including 2017 Statesmen Alum, Ken Pullin, who defeated an entrenched incumbent with an astonishing 63%-37% margin.
  • In the runoff election, we became an early supporter of Governor-Elect Brian Kemp, providing him with our backing prior to any poll showing a close race. We stood strong for the candidate we were confident would best fight for our values, and the Lord honored this leap of faith by delivering a huge upset win.
  • In the general and runoff election, 13 of the 17 candidates we supported in contentious races won- including Brian Kemp, Geoff Duncan, and Brad Raffensperger. This sets our state on an AWESOME new path forward for our values!
  • Our targeted election activities produced more than 2 million voter contacts across our state.
  • I was selected to serve on the Georgians First Committee, serving the incoming Kemp Administration by advising on issues important to Georgia families.
  • As we approach the 2019 legislative session, we are reviving our legislation from 2018 and leading the charge on more- all with more support because of the new leadership we supported in the election!
  • All of this was accomplished because of the commitment of Georgia believers who helped us nearly double our revenue and increase our impact ten-fold.

After a highly successful year, we are poised to make 2019 even better. Will you commit to supporting the educational, policy, and training programs of Family Policy Foundation with a tax-deductible gift today. Remember, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar through our $20,000 matching grant!

Your support will help us accomplish a big vision as we seek to make pro-family policy the core of what drives our state, to be the organization that carries the most political weight in the state, and to, ultimately, transform our culture for the glory of God. With your help we can, in the near future:

  • Send 6 rising, pro-family leaders to our Statesmen Academy in 2019.
  • Pass multiple bills to protect life, religious freedom, school choice, the centrality of the family, and God’s design.
  • Develop resources for the Christian business community and for churches.
  • Engage in more training and speaking throughout the state to empower Christian activists.
  • Hire additional staff to grow our footprint here in Georgia.
  • And much more…

Our organization is growing, thriving, and making a difference here in Georgia. But, we can do so much more. Please take advantage of this critical year-end opportunity and matching grant by donating today.

Because of you, we are in a very exciting place right now, and, with your help, where we are going will be even better.

God Bless,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director