Tax-Funded Sex Surgeries for Inmates? Please Speak Up Now.

December 19

Should Idaho taxpayers be forced to pay for a sex-change surgery for an inmate?

If your answer is no, I hope you’ll join us in making your voice heard to policy makers who can impact this situation.

In case you missed the news late on Friday, a federal judge has ordered the state to pay for a sex-change operation for an inmate incarcerated for sexual abuse on a child.

Convicted child sex offender Adree Edmo, a male who has been living as a woman, sued the Idaho Department of Correction in an attempt to secure a taxpayer-funded sex-change operation. Last week, Federal Judge B. Lynn Winmill (an appointee of former President Bill Clinton) supported Edmo and ordered the state to pay for the surgery within six months. The Idaho Department of Correction is currently weighing its option to appeal.

While it’s important for all inmates to receive compassionate care, such as mental healthcare to help with gender dysphoria, it is unconscionable that Idaho taxpayers should be forced to pay for a sex-change operation for this inmate.

Sex-change operations are extremely costly—not just for the procedure (estimated at up to $100,000), but for a lifetime of expensive care due to the body treating the operation site as a wound for the rest of the person’s life. These operations are also not proven to provide any long-term relief for those suffering from gender dysphoria.

Idaho should stand against any attempt by a federal judge to force taxpayers to fund expensive and experimental surgeries for inmates. This judge’s ruling demonstrates a lack of true compassion for those struggling with gender dysphoria and a complete lack of respect for Idahoans.

Will you make your voice heard? In just seconds, you can send a message to the director of the Idaho Department of Correction and to Governor-elect Brad Little, asking them to appeal the judge’s ruling. Your state senator and representative will also be copied.

Thank you for making your voice heard – and please share with others as well.

John Paulton
Family Policy Alliance of Idaho