Hope for the Future

January 10

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota 2019 Meet and Greet for Legislators

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® hosted a “Meet and Greet” reception for legislators this past Tuesday, at the Heritage Center. There were over 50 individuals in attendance, and it was a great time of sharing on important policy priorities you have told us are important to you—policy advancing school choice, education on reversing the effects of chemical abortion pills, and anti-pornography measures. It was a great time of providing information, exchanging ideas, and encouraging our elected officials to stand-firm in leaving a legacy of pro-life and pro-family values.

Today’s legislators can be role models for how to integrate faith into the political arena. But to do this, they must speak bravely for what is right and not be silent, because if they do not speak up, who will safeguard this world that the next generation will soon inherit?

In addition to the “Meet and Greet,” I also testified in favor of House Bill 1052 –legislation that will expand and better define parental rights in homeschooling. North Dakota has the most restrictive homeschooling laws in the nation, and this bill will offer parents access to more individualized educational opportunities for their children. Our son Chris also testified in favor of House Bill 1052. We homeschooled Chris for a number of years and he was able to share with legislators, first-hand, about the numerous educational opportunities that were available to him in Maryland – opportunities that weren’t available to him in North Dakota because of the restrictive laws. His testimony was compelling, and the House Education Committee really appreciated his perspective on the subject.

Ruth and I are very proud that Chris decided to testify (without my urging, I might add). Chris is part of the generation that will inherit North Dakota. I am encouraged that he decided to testify for a few reasons, but most importantly because Chris still believes that the political system works and that one person, when compelled by their convictions, can make a difference.

That gives me hope. Hope for the political direction here in ND. Hope against cynicism that can easily creep into the political process. And hope that the next generation feels strongly that politics is a substantive way to make their voices heard. The political future of North Dakota is bright, as long as we are shining role models the next generation can follow.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director