Your Senator is Voting Tomorrow on Whether to Protect Our Wives and Daughters. Make Your Voice Heard!

January 24

Here’s the good news. Thanks to your involvement, as confirmed by multiple legislators, the Senate Judiciary Committee agreed to protect our wives and daughters and gave SB 2303 a “Do Not Pass” recommendation. If you recall, this bill would enshrine “sexual orientation” and “gender identify” in the same protected classes as race and religion. It would allow men (who say they’re women) to enter the private spaces of women and girls (e.g. bathrooms, locker rooms), putting women and children at greater risk and endangering their safety. It could also force North Dakota business owners to provide goods and services in a manner that violates their sincerely-held religious beliefs.

But the fight is not yet over on this dangerous bill! Senate Bill 2303 is scheduled to be voted on by the entire North Dakota senate tomorrow afternoon. We need you to contact your senator and ask them to vote “No” on this bill. If a majority of senators vote “No”, this bill dies on the senate floor and will be gone for good.

Please contact your state senator NOW and urge them to vote NO on SB 2303. Time is of the essence on this and we’ve made it very easy for you. Simply click on this link, enter your zip code, and find the contact information for your senator.  You can then call or email them, whichever you prefer. Protect religious freedom and the privacy and safety of women and children by opposing Senate Bill 2303. Now is the time to speak up to protect your family here in North Dakota!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director