The Roundup

January 31

As you probably saw from our emails over the past few days, we were the recipients of some amazing wins for biblical values. While Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® is working hard at the Capitol trying our best to represent you and your beliefs, you have made the difference in many of these bills, tipping the scales in our favor. However, in spite of all our combined work, we know it’s ultimately due to the Lord’s providence and blessings that we’ve met with successes this legislative session. Apart from successes which we’ve already highlighted, I’d like you to know about the day-to-day work we are doing in Bismarck.

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota has testified on nine bills, ranging from sexual orientation/gender identity and infant dismemberment to bills such as Education Savings Accounts and chemical abortion reversal notification. Whether or not one chooses to testify, those attending the hearing have an opportunity to formally register in favor or opposed to a bill. We did that on 18 bills, including proposed legislation such as health insurance coverage for infertility treatment and human trafficking reporting. On certain high priority bills, we also alerted you and asked you to contact your legislators. Alerts went out five times. Here’s the tally.

In addition to this activity, we’ve been at the Capital week-in and week-out talking to legislators, strategizing on bills, and talking to the media about legislation and our position on various bills. As you can see, we have been pretty busy, and we are barely a quarter of the way into the legislative session!

During all this time, you have upheld us with your prayers, participated in the legislative process by testifying and/or contacting your legislators, and financially supported us. When it comes to financially supporting our work, I want to remind you that Giving Hearts Day is coming up on February 14. This is always a fun and exciting time for us, as it allows you to double your giving dollar-for-dollar and the donations go towards things like our current work in the legislature.

As Giving Hearts Day approaches, we will give you more information on how you can donate. However, if you can’t donate on that particular day, you can always underwrite our legislative work by and donating online now. Whatever you decide, thank you for supporting our efforts. By God’s grace, we will succeed together in protecting pro-family and pro-life values in North Dakota!

If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31b