ACTION ALERT: Assisted Suicide is now being fast-tracked through the House! Urge these Representatives to vote “NO” on HB 90!

February 7

On the heels of passing the radical pro-abortion bill, the House is now fast-tracking assisted suicide legislation, HB 90!

On Friday, the House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear HB 90. This bill has been described as the most dangerous assisted suicide legislation that has been proposed in any state!

HB 90:

  • Allows non-physicians to prescribe lethal drugs to bring about the patient’s death;
  • Requires doctors and medical professionals to violate their conscience and refer patients for assisted suicide;
  • Does NOT protect vulnerable New Mexicans from profit-driven insurance companies that deem assisted suicide drugs a cheaper option than treatment; and
  • Does NOT protect ill New Mexicans from predatory family members or caregivers who can coerce a patient to take lethal drugs with no criminal penalties!

HB 90 is scheduled for a committee hearing Friday afternoon, at 1:30 p.m., in Room 309, and your quick help is needed to urge the following committee members to vote “NO.”

Representative Gail Chasey (D) – Chair – (505) 986-4411
Representative Daymon Ely (D) – Vice Chair – (505) 986-4432
Representative Eliseo Lee Alcon (D) – (505) 986-4415
Representative Deborah A. Armstrong (D) – (505) 986-4344
Representative Micaela Lara Cadena (D) – (505) 986-4210
Representative Christine Chandler (D) – (505) 986-4226
Representative Brian Egolf (D) – (505) 986-4782
Representative Dayan Hochman-Vigil (D) – 505) 986-4336
Representative Georgene Louis (D) – (505) 986-4329
Representative Matthew McQueen (D) – (505) 986-4423

Please contact these Representatives TODAY and urge them to vote “NO” on HB 90.

We have made it simple to communicate this request. Simply click here and you can send this message in 30 seconds!

Also, please forward or share this message with friends. It is important that these Representatives hear from as many people as possible.

Finally, after you have sent the message through our Action Center, please call the Representatives at the numbers provided above and leave the same message. If you would like to attend the committee hearing in person and provide public comment, it will be held Friday afternoon, at 1:30 p.m., in Room 309.

Thank you for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico Team