Today in the CO Capitol: “An SOS to the People of Colorado!”

February 19

I wish you could have been in the Colorado capitol a little while ago.

The Colorado House passed the horrific sex-ed bill – sending it on to the Senate. That was expected. But the debate on the floor of the House was stunning:

  • The sponsor of the bill attacked Christianity and openly stated that sex education in Colorado schools is not adequately pro-LGBT, but that this bill would fix that.
  • One representative – who identifies as lesbian and supports the bill – referred to God, saying, “He is NOT in this room!” That drew gasps and responses.
  • Meanwhile, several opponents spoke eloquently against the bill, including one who said, “I’m sending out an SOS to the people of Colorado!”

Indeed, an SOS is needed now. After all, here’s what this bill (HB 1032) does:

  • It tells local school districts that on sex education, it’s “our way or the highway.” That’s not a choice for local schools—it’s a threat. And it violates the state constitution’s protection of local school boards having the sole authority to determine curriculum – what we as parents elect them to do.
  • It makes clear that families whose faith influences their views on sexuality, and those who view a person’s sex as a biological fact, are NOT welcome in Colorado schools. In fact, it censors religious beliefs or traditional views on sex and sexuality.
  • It not only discourages parents from being involved—it’s a hostile takeover of parental rights. The bill provides no clear way for parents to opt their children out of the state’s preferred sexuality curriculum. Parents have the absolute right to teach their children about healthy relationships and sexual values.
  • It displays a strange obsession with whom our children are sexually attracted to, how often they’re having sex, and what kind of sex they’re having. Yet factually, most of our students are not having sex – with anyone. The number of youth having sex has dropped significantly since the ‘80’s and even more in the past 10 years, with the majority of teens choosing abstinence.
  • This bill forces children as young as nine-years-old to learn graphic details about LGBT “sexual experiences.”

Now the Good News: Momentum is building to stop this bill, and the Senate gives more hope to do that. In addition, there was progress today, as a Democrat (Donald Valdez) voted against the bill, joining Republicans who were united in opposition. In the Senate, we’ll need two Democrats to join all Republicans in opposition.


  • Please email your state senator. Your message will also go to Senate President Leroy Garcia, so he can also see the strong opposition from all over the state.
  • After you send the email, watch for a follow-up message with the name and phone number of your state senator. Please also call them, mentioning that you live in their district and asking them to vote NO on HB 1032.
  • Please continue to spread the word, including sharing by email and social media.

Yes, this is an SOS. Thank you so much for heeding the call!

Autumn Leva
Vice President of Strategy