BE THE FIRELINE: Senate Hearing Scheduled on Sex-Ed Bill!

February 27

The Senate hearing time for the wildly controversial Colorado sex-ed bill (HB 1032) will be:

Thursday at 1:30 p.m., State Capitol
Senate Health and Human Services Committee, Room SCR 357
(Double-check hearing room on Thursday as last-minute room changes are not unusual.)

Veterans at the capitol were stunned when together we turned out in such phenomenal numbers for the House committee hearing. Now, to have a chance to defeat this bill, we need to turn out again in huge numbers for the Senate committee hearing. Let’s continue to stand together and be the fireline that stops this bill from moving forward! The odds may appear to be against us. But you’ve already proven that when we join together, we are getting the serious attention of people at the capitol!

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Send a message to members of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee asking them to VOTE NO ON HB 1032. We’ve made it simple in our Action Center. Send your message in seconds!
  2. After you’ve sent the Senate Committee a message, you’ll get a follow-up message with your state senator’s phone number. Please take a moment to call and respectfully leave a message asking them to VOTE NO ON HB 1032.
  3. Share this email with others! Build the Fireline! Let’s keep HB 1032 out of Colorado public schools!

Thank you for taking action! We hope to see you Thursday at 1:30 at the State Capitol!

Health and Human Services Committee
Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education (HB 1032)
Thursday, February 28, 1:30pm in Room SCR 357
State Capitol Building (200 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80203)


Click HERE to view a Google parking map.

Entering the Capitol:

North entrance (Colfax Avenue and Sherman Street), first floor – public and group entrance.

South entrance (14th Avenue and Sherman Street), basement (ground) level – visitors with special needs should use this entrance.

Please Note:

  • Upon entering the building each person passes through a security check. Please do not bring firearms, knives or other weaponry.
  • Signs, banners, clapping and cheering are not permitted inside the galleries or committee hearing rooms.

Talking Points:

  • It tells local school districts that on sex education, it’s “our way or the highway.” That’s not a choice for local schools—it’s a threat. And it violates the state constitution’s protection of local school boards having the sole authority to determine curriculum – what we as parents elect them to do.
  • It makes clear that families whose faith influences their views on sexuality, and those who view a person’s sex as a biological fact, are NOT welcome in Colorado schools. In fact, it censors religious beliefs or traditional views on sex and sexuality.
  • It not only discourages parents from being involved—it’s a hostile takeover of parental rights. The bill provides no clear way for parents to opt their children out of the state’s preferred sexuality curriculum. Parents have the absolute right to teach their children about healthy relationships and sexual values.
  • It displays a strange obsession with whom our children are sexually attracted to, how often they’re having sex, and what kind of sex they’re having. Yet factually, most of our students are not having sex with anyone. The number of youths having sex has dropped significantly since the ‘80’s and even more in the past 10 years, with the majority of teens choosing abstinence.
  • This bill forces children as young as nine-years-old to learn graphic details about LGBT “sexual experiences.”