Abortion Bill Defeated!

March 15

Dear Friends—

I am sure you have already heard, but last night we defeated the radical abortion bill, HB 51, in the New Mexico Senate by a vote of 24-18 after 8 democrats joined 16 Republicans in opposition!

After the final vote was announced, we found ourselves silenced in disbelief at what had just transpired—the people of New Mexico had gone up against the abortion industry giant, and the people had won!

How did we do it?

  1. We prayed, and God honored and answered our prayers! What took place last night was nothing short of a miracle. To say the odds were against us is an understatement. In fact, throughout this process, we were constantly told that there was no way to stop HB 51; and to be honest, at times, we believed it. But God had other plans, and last night, we all reaped the reward of our labor.
  1. We worked together, and the church engaged! We want to thank our coalition partners—New Mexico Alliance for Life, Right to Life Committee of New Mexico, and the New Mexico Conference of Catholic Bishops—and the thousands of New Mexicans who prayed, made phone calls, sent emails, attended our rallies, and visited their legislators. Let this be a lesson for all of us—when we work together and when the church engages, we can move New Mexico.
  1. We had bipartisan support from pro-life men and women in the Legislature! We worked hard, but at the end of the day, it was our pro-life legislators who pushed us over the top. We want to thank the House and Senate Republican Caucuses, as well as the 6 Democratic Representatives and 8 Democratic Senators who voted for life. Because of your support, we are on our way to restoring a culture of life in our state.
  1. We had support from ministry partners like you! Our work during this Legislative Session would not have been possible without financial support from our ministry partners, so thank you for your contributions to this significant victory.

Friends—the need for our work moving forward is apparent and we now have a proven track record of success. Therefore, if you would like to see us continue these efforts, please consider sending a financial gift today so we can continue the fight for life in New Mexico. The battle is far from over, but with your prayers and support, we are convinced that New Mexico can become a state where families thrive and life is cherished. So please, give today and let’s do this together.

Together in His Service,

The Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico Team