Session Wrap-Up: Promises Kept, Big Wins, and Major Opportunities

April 4

The 2019 legislative session has concluded, and, if there’s a primary takeaway, it’s this: Brian Kemp and Geoff Duncan are doing exactly what they said they would do.

In a world where politicians have a fuzzy relationship with the truth, campaign one way and govern another, and give a wink and a nod to one group while reaching a handshake agreement with an opposing one, our state is governed by two leaders who buck the trend. Brian Kemp and Geoff Duncan exude integrity, and the 2019 legislative session yielded results and efforts precisely in line with their platforms. How awesome this is!

While I won’t comment on policies outside of our issue area, I will say that the big accomplishments of Year 1 of the Kemp Administration came because he is a genuine promise-keeper, a devoted conservative, a leader who puts Georgians first, and an executive who has surrounded himself with a talented and hard-working team.

Now, onto the biggest win: The Heartbeat Bill. This bill reflects our shared commitment for a Georgia that cherishes life. It establishes the “Personhood” of the unborn and affirms that reality in our tax code, in child support, in how we count people, and in the protection of human life.

We look forward to Governor Kemp signing this bill in the coming weeks, but we know the work is not done. Alyssa Milano was at the Capitol yesterday, and the Left is doing everything they can to drive the phony narrative that the Heartbeat Bill is bad for the film industry and for the business community as a whole. Planned Parenthood and other radical pro-abortion groups are vowing to come after anyone who voted for this life-saving legislation.

That’s where the opportunity comes in. We now have a major opportunity talk about the sad realities of abortion, the truth about life, and achieve a real cultural shift. Moreover, we have an opportunity to support and bolster those leaders who did the right thing and stood for life – while also holding opponents accountable for their radical vote that unborn babies with beating hearts aren’t worth protecting. In the coming days, I will be reaching out to you about the big goals we have to grow so that we can best make an impact on our political landscape.

Overall, this was a great session. Our Tebow Bill (SB 163) will be studied over the summer, and, after passing the Senate this year, starts in a great place for final passage in 2020. Simon’s Law (SB 104) did not make it to the House Floor in time, but it too should become law next year. Our efforts on religious freedom also shaped the dialogue ahead of 2020 and should gain traction in that session.

We would like to thank you for the thousands of calls and emails you partnered with us to send, for your prayers, and your support. We would like to thank Governor Kemp and Lt. Governor Duncan for their awesome leadership and to their staffs for their tireless efforts. We also want to express our appreciation for the lead sponsors of our supported legislation: Rep. Wes Cantrell, Rep. Kasey Carpenter, Sen. Greg Dolezal, Rep. David Clark, Sen. Marty Harbin, Sen. Chuck Payne, Rep. Ed Setzler, Sen. Bruce Thompson, and Sen. Renee Unterman.

Please stay tuned for more information about our efforts and plans. I will be sharing some of our goals next week, and I ask that you be in prayer about partnering with us to further the cause of life and freedom in Georgia.


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director