Will You Help Us Keep the Beat?

April 12

It’s been nearly 50 years since an activist Supreme Court handed down the broad Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion. Initially, only a few brave pro-lifers fought back – and slowly – very slowly – the movement grew and grew until the culture began to swing back in the other direction. And now the momentum of the pro-life movement is evident across the nation.

The steady beat of one successful effort after another in the pro-life movement has produced amazing victories protecting preborn babies and their mothers over the decades. Now, powerfully motivated by the human heartbeat, pro-life Americans in multiple states—including Ohio just yesterday—have called on their elected leaders to pass bills that protect preborn babies from abortion once their heartbeat is detected.

Georgia will soon become the latest state to enact into law Heartbeat protection for preborn babies!

To be sure, the abortion industry and their allies are feeling the heat across the nation as the beat of the pro-life movement grows louder.

Abortion advocates are panicking, leading them to advocate for ever more extreme policies out of step with the conscience of America. Their leaders actually advocated for infanticide in New York, Virginia, Vermont, and Washington, D.C earlier this year. They continue to refuse to support laws that ensure basic medical care for women in their own facilities. And, in states like New Mexico, they were unsuccessful in their hopes to drive abortion tourism by attempting to remove any and all restrictions on abortion.

Now the abortion industry and their allies want to make Georgia, and all who dare to believe that a baby in the womb deserves protection, feel their outrage. Leftwing political activists in Hollywood are calling for a boycott on the state, trying to make Georgia an example of how to stop the pro-life beat.

But the pro-life voices in America have been steadily building—calling for our country to end the scar on our history that is abortion—and we need to Keep The Beat going in Georgia!

If you support Georgia’s effort to protect preborn babies with beating hearts and want to see the beat of the pro-life movement grow even louder, join Family Policy Alliance and millions of other pro-life Americans to encourage Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and the state’s other pro-life leaders to Keep The Beat going—they need your support!

Add your name to the Keep The Beat Pledge today – By joining our voices together, we can continue to restore a nation where life is cherished!

Encourage Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and the state’s other pro-life leaders to keep the beat going—they need your support!

Keeping the Beat,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Policy Manager