Urgent Alert: Don’t let Alpharetta Library Indoctrinate Kids with “Drag Queen Story Hour”

April 16

A movement that began in places like New York and San Francisco – an effort to highlight the “drag queen” lifestyle to young children in our public libraries – has made its way to Alpharetta, Georgia.

Yes, Alpharetta, a suburban, right-leaning community, is slated to host a “drag queen” known as Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker who will read to young children at the library built with taxpayer dollars.

This individual, Steven Igarashi-Ball, has used this and other events to politicize and gain sympathy for his lifestyle. As a movement, Drag Queen Story Hour has focused on undermining parents and family values while aiming to expose and indoctrinate young children into believing that men dressing in drag is normal and good.

Your action is needed. Please make your voice heard today!

There has been some confusion about this event, which currently does not appear on the library’s calendar. However, in news reports the library has confirmed the event is still on. We believe this confusion is born from an effort to keep this event quiet so that you, the concerned citizens, will be silent.

Unable to win on the strength of their ideas, the radical Left’s great hope is to indoctrinate our youth. We can’t let this happen! Imposing this agenda on young children is unhealthy and highly detrimental. Join us today by making your voice heard!

Because our children deserve better,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

P.S. Please share this email or the Action Center link so that even more people can make their voice heard on behalf of our kids!