The End of the Capitol Rainbow

May 16

If you happen to be in downtown Boise during the Pride festival on June 14-15, you’ll see lots of rainbows – on clothing and banners and signs. But one thing you won’t see the rainbow on is the State Capitol.

That’s because the State of Idaho has decided not to allow the state capitol building to be lit up by organizations for their events.

For years, a growing number of organizations have taken advantage of the “come one, come all” policy of the state to light up the state capitol for their events. In fact, the “growing number” was part of the problem; it was becoming a burden to the state.

But of all the Capitol lighting displays, the one that always seemed like the biggest spectacle was the rainbow display. No matter how many times you reminded yourself that it didn’t represent an official state position, it always conveyed the sense that the state had come down on the side of a Far Left agenda.

Thankfully, the state recognized that the lighting displays were associating the state with controversial political agendas, and that was also part of the calculus in changing the policy.

But while the symbolism of rainbow lighting displays is now a thing of the past, the much more important substance of Idaho policies related to the LGBT agenda is very much in the present.

To get a glimpse of various examples of that agenda, just take a look at new laws passed in the last year in nearby states:

  • Establishing a new graduation requirement that students learn about the “history, culture and social contributions” of “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.”
  • Allowing minors to change the “sex” on their birth certificate – without their parents’ knowledge or permission.
  • Mandating that foster parents support the “gender transition” or even surgical “sex change” of their foster kids.

And of course, that doesn’t even get into other core issues of the LGBT agenda: the attacks on religious freedom and the undermining of women’s privacy and safety.

With the involvement and support of people like you, we’ve made progress this year in pushing back against that agenda. Together, let’s keep standing strong and taking action – lovingly speaking the truth to a culture that desperately needs it.


John Paulton
Director of Advocacy