MAINE – Your Urgent Help is Needed to Stop Physician-Assisted Suicide

May 31

Our Christian Civic League of Maine allies report that the battle over assisted suicide has been very active in Augusta recently.

Despite narrowly losing votes this week in the House and the Senate regarding Physician-Assisted Suicide (LD 1313), this battle is far from over.

CCL expects that on Monday, the House will again be voting on LD 1313. That is why it is critical this weekend that certain House members hear from Mainers who do not want to see doctor-prescribed death legalized.

Please take time to email or call folks from the lists below.

As you can see, there are two lists. The first list is individuals who did not vote last Tuesday. When contacting these Representatives, simply ask them to vote against LD 1313 when it returns to the House.

The second list is Democrats who stood strong opposing their party majority and voted against physician-assisted suicide last week. When contacting them, thank them for their vote and ask them to hold firm in their opposition when LD 1313 returns to the House.

If you are from the representative’s district, give their name, your name, town, and message (please vote against LD 1313 or thank you for voting against LD 1313).

Similarly, please consider contacting a number of these folks even if you are not in their district. When you reach out to them by phone or email, give their name, your name, and leave your message.

The phone number to reach all these representatives is the House switchboard: 800-423-2900. If possible, please email and call this weekend.

List One: (ask to oppose)

List Two: (thank and ask to continue opposition)

Thanks for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team