Backing It Up

June 24

We threw down the gauntlet.

In case you missed the articles in the AJC or the TV segment on WSB, we held a press conference where I was joined by legislators and key activists to affirm that Gwinnett County – where more than half the seats that went from pro-life to pro-abortion in 2018 are located – will boldly stand for life in 2020.

That was the easy part. Now, we have to back it up.

It’s imperative that we Take Back Gwinnett for Life in 2020 – the theme of our press conference – and that we turn our strong words into action. But, before we dive into strategy, I’m asking for 10 minutes of your time. 10 minutes devoted to prayer for the cause.

Pray for our efforts in support of:

  1. P.K. Martin, the Education Chairman who represents District 9, who gave one of the most moving speeches I’ve ever heard for the cause of life.
  2. Renee Unterman, who represents District 45, who boldly and winsomely carried the bill to passage in the Senate and has since been the subject of numerous threats. She is now running for Congress, and, while we are still working on our primary strategy for federal races, we are proud of her unshakeable commitment for the unborn.
  3. Bonnie Rich, a freshman legislator in District 97, who voted for the Heartbeat Bill despite being berated by pro-abortion activists prior to the vote.
  4. David Clark, from District 98, who was one of the primary legislators talking with us about the Heartbeat Bill even before it was filed.
  5. Chuck Efstration, from District 104, who never flinched in his support of the bill and was a strong influencer behind the scenes.

Each of these legislators are on the target lists of leftists working to undo the gains we have made for life. But, we have our own list including:

  1. Beth Moore, from House District 95, who attributed the pro-life movement to the devil on the floor of the House.
  2. Gregg Kennard, from House District 102, a “pastor” who runs a highly questionable “non-profit” and joined protesters in opposition to the Heartbeat Bill.
  3. Jasmine Clark, from House District 108, who slandered pro-life leaders saying they don’t care about the heartbeats of women – all while advocating for a position that destroys the heartbeats of countless unborn women.

These three freshmen legislators won by less than 700 votes, and we need your prayers that the Lord will raise up the right candidates to oppose them.

Much work is left to be done in this endeavor, but I want to open this quest by bathing it in prayer. Can you give us 10 minutes to pray for those who stood for life and for our efforts to unseat those who took the radical position that unborn babies with beating hearts and not worthy of protection?

May the Lord Bless this undertaking!


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia