Nike Picks Rainbow Over Stars & Stripes – Make Your Voice Heard!

July 9

I guess you could say that Nike just did it.

Ten days ago, I wrote about the growing prominence of the LGBT rainbow flag. In particular, I noted how big businesses are pushing it, sometimes even to the neglect of the American flag.

Then last week, Nike lived up to its motto. Though I wish they hadn’t, they proved my point.

As you may have heard, Nike pulled its Betsy Ross American flag shoes because they were just too controversial.

But lost in the kerfuffle was the fact that, a month earlier, Nike introduced rainbow flag shoes celebrating the LGBT movement. And those shoes are still on the market – not too controversial at all, in Nike’s eyes.

While Nike’s conduct was especially blatant, one big business after another is wrapping itself in the rainbow flag of the LGBT movement – even incorporating the Pride flag into their logos.

And it’s not just private businesses. Some government bodies have been hoisting the rainbow flag, flying it alongside Old Glory, claiming to support “equality for all.”

But, as I noted previously, “we already have a flag for that – the one that hundreds of thousands of American soldiers have died to defend. The pledge to that flag underscores the ‘liberty and justice for all’ afforded to every American.”

Whether it’s Nike marketers or progressive politicians – who think they are being hip and inclusive by wrapping their company (or their state or municipal government) in the gay pride flag – they need to know the message that they are sending is indeed very controversial to a big segment of America.

In my previous article, I summed up what millions of other taxpayers and potential customers see when we see the rainbow flag:

  • The rainbow flag represents attacks on the religious freedom of people all over the United States.
  • It represents a movement that seeks to force its viewpoint on all Americans, regardless of their deeply held religious convictions. It would – and has – forced Americans to pay heavy fines and to give up their businesses simply for declining to celebrate messages that violate their conscience.
  • It represents an attack on the privacy and safety of women and children. Laws to implement the LGBT agenda are being used, as intended, to allow biological men into showers, locker rooms and bathrooms.
  • It represents an attack on the rights of women – especially girls who are increasingly being crowded out of athletic competitions by biological boys who claim to be female.
  • It represents a social experiment that attempts to push its way into our Armed Forces – at the expense of military readiness.
  • It represents a movement that is relentlessly targeting our kids – from Drag Queen Story Hour to the nationwide projects to “queer the classroom.

This rainbow banner that supposedly stands for “equality for all” is, in reality, an emblem of “special rights for some,” at the expense of anyone who disagrees.

It’s time that corporations get this message, and what better place to start than with Nike?

We’ve made it easy to send your message to Nike. It only takes 30 seconds, and you’re free to customize your message if you wish.

One flag truly represents freedom for every American. Thanks for making clear to Nike which flag that is!

John Paulton
Mobilization Manager