Not Knowing What Lies Ahead

September 26

Nancy Pelosi and the liberals have finally done it – they’ve gone “all in” on their strategy to impose their will on the American people. Without waiting for facts, they’ve jumped all over the latest whisper of impropriety – potentially originating with a leftist partisan – and are now seeking to impeach the duly-elected president.

This is what they were hoping for all along!

President Trump, while imperfect in many ways, has done much of what believers who turned out in droves to elect him hoped he would. His administration has stood tall on the issue of life, fought for religious freedom, and is perhaps one Supreme Court appointment away from largely restoring a basic constitutional respect in our judiciary.

And, the Left hates him for it. More pertinent, however, is they hate the American people for voting for him.

All this makes what lies ahead very unclear, and the battle over impeachment in DC is only one thing that makes the road to 2020 a bit foggy. While we don’t know how the coming weeks will shape the race for the White House, we also don’t know:

  • Who will be on the ballot with David Perdue as Brian Kemp’s pick to replace Johnny Isakson
  • How the legal process, which held a hearing this week, will play out for Georgia’s Heartbeat Law and whether judges will do their duty and uphold our state’s right to protect its citizens
  • What the landscape in the legislature will look like heading into next year – especially after another resignation in S. Georgia recently with more potentially to follow

Unanswered questions, however, cannot stall our momentum for a robust policy and elections fight for our values. The Scriptures are clear that we won’t always know what lies ahead, but there are certain principles to follow about preparation:

  • Put your planning before the Lord (Proverbs 16:3)
  • Trust that His plan is good (Jeremiah 29:11)
  • Have confidence in God’s timing and be patient to see what He’s doing (1 Corinthians 2:10)
  • While trusting in the sovereignty of God, make sound and wise plans in conjunction with those you trust (Proverbs 15:22)
  • Successful plans usually require resources and a plan of execution (Luke 14:28)

To that end, we are deep in planning for 2020 – to win at the ballot box and deliver more policy victories. Trusting in the Lord, able to adapt as circumstances change, seeking wisdom, and, frankly, enlisting the needed resources, we are ready to “Keep Choppin” for Georgia families.

Are you interested in engaging in this preparation? We need Georgians willing to pray now – well ahead of the elections – that He will raise up the right candidates, guide our strategy, and lead us to victory. We need Georgians willing to engage their community for our pro-life, pro-family candidates. We need Georgians willing to engage at the Capitol to engage for the policies that help families thrive.

And, we need Georgians willing to contribute financially to our efforts. I’ve been updating you on our September 30 goal, and we are just $5,540 short. Can you help us reach this goal with a generous contribution today?

God is in control – all the time. He knows the future of our state and of our nation, and we can trust Him even in uncertain times. But, He calls upon His people to act, to prepare, and to stand firm and take action. We look forward to answering that call.

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
president and Executive Director

P.S. We are planning ahead for a BIG 2020 and have a goal of raising $5,540 by September 30. Can we count on you to help us prepare to win for our values next year?