KENTUCKY: It’s the Biggest Governor’s Race in the Nation; Your Vote is Critical!

October 30

There are two good reasons why Kentucky has the biggest governor’s race in the nation next week: Contrast and Competitiveness.

Contrast: Bevin and Beshear Are Opposites on Key Issues

  • On Life, Matt Bevin is among the most pro-life governors in the nation, having already signed eight pro-life bills. Andy Beshear is endorsed by Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion operation in the country.
  • On Religious Freedom, Matt Bevin supports the right of every Kentuckian to live in accordance with their faith principles – not just within the walls of the church but in everyday life. Andy Beshear is endorsed by the state’s leading LGBT organization, a strong indication that he will put LGBT ideology over religious liberty.

Competitiveness: In This Tight Race, Every Vote Will Be Crucial

Polls show this race to be dead even. Like other races we’ve reported on in the past, it’s very possible that this race could be decided by just a single vote per precinct.

What can you do?

  • Vote. Your vote really does make a difference, so vote your values in this and other important contests on your ballot.
  • Share. Encourage your family and friends to vote, too. It’s an “off-year” election, so they might need that extra encouragement to make their voice heard.

Thanks for making your voice heard and voting your values!

The Family Policy Alliance Team


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