Calling for a Takeover

November 26

Often I’ll email you about something urgent – a call to pray, act, vote, or donate. Today, I’m asking you to intentionally engage in a long-term strategy.

All-too-often, I hear Christians vilify the media, big business, the entertainment industry, the education system – foundations of culture that, admittedly, are increasingly against us.

My call is for you – and all believers – to redirect away from complaining and instead commit to taking over these institutions, even if it takes the next generation to do it.

In case you missed it, a company often heralded by Christians, Chick-fil-a, backed away last week from financially supporting faithful ministries that uphold a biblical worldview of sexuality. It stung.

Yet, as my Facebook and Twitter feeds quickly filled up with criticisms over the capitulation of the chicken sandwich masters, it struck me that it stings so thoroughly because we’ve been asleep at the wheel. We’ve allowed Chick fil a to become one of the few remaining visible companies that are welcoming to people of faith.

Far more egregious than Chick-fil-a’s retreat, an unprecedented degree of corporate wickedness also may have caught your attention last week – a 90 second internet ad for Sprite that celebrates parents who endorse their children’s transition to a transgender lifestyle. This horrifying production bends to an agenda that will do great harm to Sprite’s customers, yet the Coca Cola owned soft drink remains committed to the campaign.

Where are the Christian companies pointing to a better way? Where are the media outlets that should be crying out in horror over a corporation endorsing an anti-science lifestyle that leads to depression, pain, and, sadly, often suicide?

The silence is deafening because Christians, largely, have retreated from the arena, and it is my hope to see this change.

I’ve seen the profoundly positive impact that the Christian business community can and does have. I’ve seen what can happen when Christian media personalities, sports stars, or entertainment celebrities speak out. I’ve also experienced what can happen when you have a Bible-believing professor willing to encourage students to think about issues in a different way.

So, why are we, as biblical citizens and biblical parents, not intentionally seeking to raise up a generation capable of taking over these spheres of influence?

It’s easy – and, yes, important – to talk about the need for Christians to run for office, and we all know that we need strong leaders in ministry and in the pulpit. Yet, just as important, we need Christians to run and lead businesses, to exert influence in their community, and to operate their business in a way that glorifies God. Just as important, we need Christians to reach high levels in media companies and in the entertainment industry and to exert their influence for truth. Moreover, it’s just as important that Christians gain control of university system and academia to educate the next generation in a way that cares for facts more than an agenda.

The Left has intentionally infiltrated and dominated spheres of influence, but I believe that a biblical work ethic and the Christian remnant can take it back. Will you join in this commitment? It’ll take time, but I believe its imperative that we use the talents the Lord has given people of faith to take over the institutions that define culture.

For Christian Leadership,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

P.S. Are you a Christian business leader? Professor? Involved in the entertainment industry or in media and using your influence for Christ? If so, THANK YOU! I’d love to hear from you and would enjoy the opportunity to dialogue on how we can reclaim our culture, together.