Will Wyoming Stand Up to Outside Pressure?

January 8

Across Wyoming, billboards have been showing up with phrases such as, “Imagine losing your job because of who you love,” or “Imagine losing your home because of who you love.”

These billboards are specially crafted to drive the narrative of radical LGBT-activists in Wyoming using language that is terribly misleading. These billboards are also one small part of a massive funding effort by the Gill Foundation, a LGBTQ+ superfund founded by Tim Gill, the millionaire whose committed his monetary support to passing LGBT policy across the nation. In 2017, Mr. Gill infamously told “Rolling Stone” magazine, “We’re going into the hardest states in the country,’ ‘we’re going to punish the wicked’ –the ‘wicked’ being those who hold traditional values on sex and sexuality, like Christians.

Exactly what Gill’s plan is for “punishing the wicked” is telling when you visit the website listed at the bottom of these Wyoming billboards, Beyondido.org. “Beyond I Do” lists laws in each state clearly painting the picture of the end game of the Sexual Revolution –punishing all Americans who have faith-based beliefs on sex and sexuality by repealing state constitutional rights to free exercise of religion, free speech, and more.

Mr. Gill is an “old hand” at this game. He is part of the infamous “Gang of Four” (Rutt Bridges, Tim Gill, Jared Polis and Pat Stryker) who met and used their combined fortunes to implement their radical beliefs across the state of Colorado. By every measure, they have been very successful. Since 2008, after implementation of their plan, Colorado has adopted some of the most radical progressivist laws of any state in the nation. From the extraordinary persecution of cake baker Jack Philips who was threatened by the state of Colorado with language so extreme the United States Supreme Court spoke against its “religious hostility” to the “comprehensive sex education” bill designed to force every public school student in Colorado to undergo their reeducation on human sexuality.

And now, Tim Gill’s foundation and other major LGBT activist players have targeted Wyoming as a place they consider to be wicked and in need of radical conversion.

Wyoming, now more than ever, needs Christians to stand together and fight against the radical sexualization of our families and children. This is what Family Policy Alliance is fighting against in Wyoming and we need your help! Join us in our efforts to stop these radical social policies from passing into law and finding their way into our schools and homes.

When Christians stand together for the right to live according to their faith, they are standing for everyone. All Americans have the right and responsibility to resist efforts of the radical LGBT left and to work side by side to protect our fundamental freedoms to freely live out our faith and guide the moral upbringing of our families.

Help us organize against this push by donating to the start of the Family Policy Alliance in Wyoming. We need to prepare for these threats to our core freedoms in a way Wyoming has never had to prepare before.


Nathan Winters
Director of Advocacy