“Worse than we could have imagined”…

January 23

It’s not hard to find cause for excitement in Georgia – the results are manifest, the momentum is palpable, and the future looks brighter than ever.

But, there’s also no shortage of dire warnings.

Millions of dollars are flooding in from out of state, socialists held their convention, Democratic presidential candidates (also all socialists) held their debate here, and prophesies abound of the a “not if but when” future of liberal control of our state.

The reality is that Georgia could easily become the next Virginia – once a conservative stronghold that rapidly shifts leftward.

Having begun my career in The Commonwealth, I still hear from citizens of the home of Washington, Jefferson, and Madison. A common phrase now that liberals control both legislative chambers as well as all state offices is, simply, “it’s worse than we could have imagined.”

Already, Virginia is working to rid their state of references to gender, impose a radical transgender bathroom policy on the state, and ban biblical counseling. The radicals now in control of the state are in a mad dash to remake the state and undo decades of conservative policies overnight.

If given control, Georgia liberals are bound to do the same thing as they shift even more far left. In fact, State Senator Steve Henson recently sponsored a bill for assisted suicide – allowing the sick and elderly to be killed. What’s frightening is the fact that Henson is retiring because he’s considered too moderate for his FAR left caucus!

Yet, there’s hope – and lots of it – IF you take action.

I refuse to buy the doom and gloom scenarios, and I’m bullish on our chances to gain ground in 2020. With a majority of swing seats held by pro-abortion legislators, we have a major opportunity to play offense and flip seats from those who hold the radical view that unborn babies with beating hearts are not worthy of protection.

Can you help us fund our gameplan?

We are unleashing the most aggressive, unprecedented pro-family campaign in Georgia – supporting those who have fought for our values, opposing the radical left, and actively recruiting and engaging in open seats. With millionaires from San Francisco and New York funding our opposition, I’m asking you to stand with us by making a generous contribution today.

I don’t like fear tactics, and my goal in this emails is always to inspire hope. But, at the same time, we must recognize the radical departure from virtuous policy that awaits if we fail to give this critical election cycle the attention it deserves.

Because Georgia is NOT the Next Virginia,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

PS. May it never be said that we didn’t take 2020 seriously enough. If the radical left wins in November, our state will change for the worst, and it will do so with a shocking rapidity that will damage our culture for generations to come. Please prayerfully consider partnering with our elections effort today.