Do you know what is in the NJ LGBTQ curriculum?

February 27

The New Jersey LGBTQ curriculum is an unfunded mandate with the requirement schools implement it by September 2020. Because of the rapidly approaching September deadline, schools might be pressured to adopt and use the free curriculum that has been developed by the powerful LGBTQ political lobbying group in our state – Garden State Equality. The material and lessons they have created disregard accuracy and fact-based science to indoctrinate our children with radical left-wing activism.

We’ve uncovered some of the objectionable classroom content Garden State Equality has placed in their curriculum which could be in our schools in a few short months. The age-inappropriate and radical curriculum lessons include examples like:

  • 5th grade – Focuses on transgenderism, gender identity and expression, and transgender inclusive pronouns.
  • 6th through 8th grade – Focuses on same sex relationships, encourage students to develop a toolkit to confront and dismantle “patriarchy”, “hyper masculinity”, “homophobia” and other immoral social structures for which the curriculum blames the traditional family and church.
  • 9th grade – Focuses on deconstructing the masculine and feminine word structure in Romance languages such as Spanish. Directs students to develop phrases to replace using words that express biological sex.
  • 10th grade – Uses science class to teach that Francis Bacon, the inventor of the scientific method, was gay. This is highly disputed by historians as he was a devout Christian and believed that you can only know truth by the revealed knowledge of God. According to proposed lessons created by Garden State Equality, NJ Students will be taught the opposite of facts to further their agenda!

Parents should be alarmed at the blatant oversexualized agenda and erroneous historical information that will permeate public education in NJ this September.

We’ve also discovered Garden State Equality is even training teachers in their Teach and Affirm Educator Training, to display their anti-parent, anti-religious objective, by proactively training teachers to deal with these potential scenarios of dissension:

  • Parents who say you are pushing the gay agenda
  • Students who refuse to complete assignments based on religious beliefs
  • Students who express their views that biological boys are boys
  • Coworkers who do not support the LGBTQ agenda

Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey® is on the frontlines working with key pro family legislators in the Assembly and Senate to protect your children from this radical propaganda.  Help us to tell Governor Murphy and the legislature that while God has allowed them into leadership positions with the authority to raise our taxes, they do not have the same Biblical authority to raise our children!

Please share this information and our petition (Spanish version here) on social media. The next step is to pressure the Education Committee in both chambers to hear proposed legislation to opt students out of this curriculum.

Working for a better NJ,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy