Redefining Parenthood in RI: Take Action Now!

March 2

A few years ago, marriage was redefined. Now, some Rhode Island politicians want to redefine parenthood.

A bill before the House Judiciary Committee would do just that – turning parenthood into a sci-fi playground that is disconnected from biology.

Called the Parentage Act, H 7541 would, among other things:

  • Divorce child birth from parentage, completely obliterating the definition of parent and child in natural law and biology – and making the family entirely a creature of state contract law;
  • Allow sperm and egg donors to be secret, thus deliberately creating children who will never know a biological parent – unlike adoption, in which an already-existing child has need of a home;
  • Allow commercial surrogacy, to a degree, as financial contracts could be entered into that would allow for limited payments to a woman for gestating and birthing a baby;
  • Encourage the use of Artificial Reproduction Technology – in which many extra embryos are created and, in most cases, eventually killed – thus adding to the loss of pre-born babies in our state.

Please make your voice heard to Rhode Island legislators today. In just 30 seconds on our Action Center, you can send a message to all 16 members of the House Judiciary Committee, asking them to oppose this bill.

Ingenuity can be wonderful if directed in the right places. But we need to be careful that our ingenuity and innovative technology doesn’t cross a line into ethical areas reserved for God – or we may regret the unintended consequences.

Please speak up today – and then be sure to pass the word to other Rhode Islanders. Thank you!


David Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Advisors – Rhode Island