Redefining Parenthood in CO: Take Action Now!

March 10

A few years ago, marriage was redefined. Now, some Colorado politicians want to redefine parenthood.

A bill before the House Judiciary Committee would do just that – turning parenthood into a sci-fi playground that is disconnected from biology.

Called the Parentage Act, House Bill 1292 would, among other things:

  • Divorce child birth from parentage, completely obliterating the definition of parent and child in natural law and biology – and making the family entirely a creature of state contract law;
  • Allow sperm and egg donors to be secret, thus deliberately creating children who will never know a biological parent – unlike adoption, in which an already-existing child has need of a home;
  • Allow commercial surrogacy, to a degree, as financial contracts could be entered into that would allow for limited payments to a woman for gestating and birthing a baby;
  • Encourage the use of Artificial Reproduction Technology – in which many extra embryos are created and, in most cases, eventually killed – thus adding to the loss of pre-born babies in our state.

Please make your voice heard to Colorado legislators today. In just 30 seconds on our Action Center, you can send a message to all nine members of the House Judiciary Committee, asking them to oppose this bill.

Please speak up today – and then be sure to pass the word to other Coloradans. Thank you!

The Family Policy Alliance Team