Session Update and URGENT Request

March 14

As you may have heard, coronavirus has shut down the Capitol, and the legislative session has been suspended. Our Governor, his team, and our state continues to need your prayers.

The session, however, did press forward to complete Crossover Day, and – despite the worries over the virus – some great work was achieved, though much remains for 2020 and beyond:

  • We DEFEATED an effort by pro-gambling forces to bring a statewide vote on casinos, horse racing, AND sports betting on the ballot. After “whipping” opposition throughout the day, the chances of passage had grown so dim, that HR 378 was not even brought to a vote.
  • Senator Renee Unterman led the charge to the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Act (SB 386) – which provides for school choice funding for those with special needs – as well as The Living Hope Home Act (SB 307) which provides housing options for expectant mothers. I cannot begin to tell you how much this pro-life champion will be missed in the Senate! (She’s leaving to run for Congress in CD 7). These bills now move over to the House after strong passage.
  • Representative Ed Setzler passed The Maternity Supportive Housing Act (HB 958) aimed at helping non-profits better support and house pregnant mothers. This bill now moves to the Senate.
  • Senator William Ligon was able to get the FORUM Act (SB 318) for free speech on college campuses passed in the Senate. The bill now moves to the House where Representative Josh Bonner (a Family Policy Foundation Statesmen Academy alum) has been fighting for the issue.
  • In the budget passed by the House, one of Governor Kemp’s top legislative priorities – tripling the adoption tax credit from $2,000 to $6,000 – was included. This is a HUGE reform that helps ease the financial burden on families seeking to provide a loving home.
  • Numerous bills advancing adoption and foster care and fighting sex trafficking were passed. We continue to support the efforts of the Governor and First Lady to pass strong legislation in this area.
  • Representative Rick Jasperse’s Equal Opportunity for Access in Education Act (HB 1055) which allows homeschoolers to participate in extracurricular activities at their local public school was put on the calendar but did NOT receive a vote – though it was set to pass. However, THIS EFFORT IS NOT DEAD FOR THIS SESSION. We will be updating you as we try to make this initiative law this year.
  • Unfortunately, efforts to shield children from obscene materials in schools, protect faith based adoption agencies, secure the first amendment free exercise rights of all Americans, defend vulnerable children from life-altering surgeries and chemicals, and safeguard women’s sports from biological males appear destined to wait until 2021.

With great momentum – as well as significant work needing to be done – election season is incredibly important. While I hope to have a productive remainder of session, whenever that will be, it is imperative that we remain focused and enthusiastic on growing the ranks of pro-family legislators.

That’s why I’m asking you for EMERGENCY SUPPORT. Because the legislature remains in session during the suspension, legislators cannot fundraise by law. That means our allies in tough elections – many of whom are facing more liberal primary challengers – are at a financial disadvantage.

And, that’s where we come in. Your generous donation today will allow us to fight back on their behalf. Now, more than ever, leftists are gunning for our allies, and they are counting on us to have the resources necessary to fight back.

Please consider helping us defend legislators who cannot raise the funds to defend themselves.

To Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director