Showing you are different during the Coronavirus Crisis

March 16

You’re different. As a Christian, you are profoundly different from the rest of the world – you think differently, see things differently, live differently. You ARE different.

So, as Coronavirus causes unprecedented changes to our way of life, how can you reflect Christ in being different from the rest of the world?

  1. Pray – No, not a flippant “thoughts and prayers,” but a genuine determination to do some on-your-knees (if able) prayer for our nation, our citizens, our leaders, our medical professionals, etc.
  2. Thank your leaders – The legislature did “the people’s business” on Thursday – knowing full well that buzz surrounding the building and a crisis was ongoing. They came back Monday morning to ratify a state of emergency. Please thank your leaders, encourage them, and let them know they are in your prayers. You can find information about your representatives HERE.
  3. Don’t fret – Even in the midst of crisis, believers trust the Lord – knowing that our God is in control.
  4. Seek truth – Some seem to think the virus is the end of the world. Others say it’s a hoax. It’s neither. Seek the truth, and let that be reflective in your social media posts. Encourage others to be safe, don’t politicize this, and find credible sources – rather than ones pushing “spin.”
  5. Be joyful – Even in this unprecedented time, find hope and joy in the Lord. You will have more time with your family. Enjoy it! Let the world see your family come together in this “dark time,” letting your light shine brighter than ever before.
  6. Care for others – As you are able, do your part to serve and keep others safe. That can mean going out of your way to take care of those at risk, taking personal responsibility by washing your hands or going into quarantine to diminish the risk you are to others, or contributing to the efforts to help others.
  7. Be patient – I don’t know how long life will be interrupted, and, believe me, I know it can be frustrating. But, as believers, we are called to be patient – patient as we wait for God’s timing and patient with our fellow human beings. Don’t fight with your neighbor for the last bit of toilet paper at Walmart, but instead be the person who helps keep your community calm and grounded in these trying times.

We are different, and we’re called to reflect that difference in how we live. Coronavirus is a threat to our nation, our state, and our way of life. But, it’s also an opportunity to show how different we are from the world – how the transforming love of Jesus can shine through us even in the worst of circumstances. I hope you’re encouraged to show this difference.

May God bless you and your family, and may you be kept safe during this time.

In Christ,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director