Help Is Available Despite Coronavirus School Closings

March 17

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus”—Philippians 4:19.

The spread of COVID 19 has impacted the lives of just about every American family. As of Monday, many of us have already experienced the strain of schools being shut down, and daycares could be next. Currently, the majority of states have shut down their entire school systems, impacting a minimum of 30 million public school students who receive not only education but two meals a day. We know many families might be anxious about what their children will do during the day or even if they’ll be able to provide food for their children. There are many resources available to help families during this difficult time.

Currently, the federal government is working hard to partner with school districts to ensure students continue to have access to breakfast, lunch and even weekend meals. School districts are setting up food distribution centers to provide food for all children, whether that’s through a daily or weekly pickup by students (or their family members), and some school districts are even setting up delivery routes. With parents encountering increasingly sparse shelves at their local grocer, this option can offer even more peace of mind for families.

Local food pantries and churches across the nation are also receiving large food donations to meet the increased demand. Check your school district website or local news to find out if free food resources are available in your area.

In addition, many private educational companies are stepping in to provide immediate free educational resources to families who find themselves with children at home during the day and little educational guidance. Our national partner, Focus on the Family, has a very large library of resources, books, and DVD’s for parents providing home education. National Geographic Kids  and Scholastic have videos, articles, books, and educational games and experiments for kids covering a variety of topics including science, math, and history. The New York Times has also promoted resources families can take advantage of like (that provides free online classes), (which provides free math lessons and skill boosting activities), and (which provides free personalized courses covering all the core subjects from first grade to high school and .)*

As we all press forward during this challenging season, the White House Corona Virus Task Force led by Vice President Pence has urged all Americans families to join together in its “15 Days to Slow the Spread” campaign which includes avoiding gatherings of over ten people, following all CDC guidelines (like frequent handwashing), and listening to state-wide recommendations, like avoiding restaurants and bars.

(Click for downloadable guidance.)

We hope and pray during these uncertain times you and your family remain safe and healthy and that you are not anxious for anything, but are filled with the peace of God knowing He will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.

*Disclaimer: The educational resources mentioned in this article do not indicate an official endorsement of Family Policy Alliance.


Stephanie Curry
Policy Manager