Legislature Opening for Business

May 14

It’s been an interesting couple of months in Kansas, across our nation, and across the world. We’ve seen charges brought (and later dropped) against a barber trying to feed his family. We’ve seen churches being forced to close. We’re currently watching events unfold in some counties that are pretty clear violations of residents’ privacy. But we’ve also seen communities step up to celebrate weddings, birthdays, even the last days of school. We’ve seen churches feed hundreds of families who are in need during this time. How the body of Christ responds in a time of crisis says a lot about who we believe our God to be.

As Kansas now heads into the newly announced “Phase 1.5” of re-opening next Monday, the legislature is also coming back for one day next Thursday. This is day is called sine die. Sine die is often simply a ceremonial day where not much work actually happens. This year may be different.

Legislators are looking for ways to rein in the Governor. However, this may be difficult given the need to totally re-write the state’s emergency statute to provide oversight. We will also simultaneously be watching for any moves to pass Medicaid expansion without Value Them Both.

We will be there working with legislators to defend your God-given freedoms. As we prepare for next week, I ask that you take some time to pray for your elected officials. They are being asked to make difficult decisions that could have very dire consequences for many in our state.

As you continue to engage with your neighbors just remember that as we work to defend liberties, we need to engage with compassion and grace.

Praying for you and our leaders,

Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy