BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Billy Hickman for State Senate

May 28

The eyes of the state are on Senate District 4 as you look to replace a giant on June 9th. As we mourn the loss of Senator Jack Hill, we must honor his legacy by sending another capable, trusted conservative leader to fill his seat.

That’s why we’re urgently calling on you to elect Billy Hickman in this crucial special election.

Billy Hickman is a true conservative, a man of faith, a leader who shares our values, and an accomplished and trusted business leader. At this critical juncture for our state, Billy stands alone in this race as the only candidate with the convictions and credentials we need representing us in Atlanta.

Recently, I watched in utter dismay as the other candidates in this field disavowed the nation’s leading pro-life bill – Georgia’s own Heartbeat Law. In doing so, they showed a stunning lack of understanding of the Constitution and an utter disregard for the value of every human life.

One candidate’s answer showed the ultimate political contortion – saying they were “against abortion” but implying there should be no limits because OBGYNs should just do what their patients tell them to do, even if it means destroying another human life. This other candidate, like others in the race, said he would’ve voted “no.” As I watched this abysmal answer from a “Republican” in a conservative Georgia district, it sounded a lot like the Clintonian “safe, legal, and rare” phrasing of the Democrat Party’s yesteryear.

In this debate, Billy Hickman was the only candidate to unequivocally support Governor Kemp and the Heartbeat Law, the only candidate who understands the horrifying reality of what abortion is and does and the precious reality of what human life is and means.

Across the board, Billy is a true conservative. He supports opportunity in education, limited government, constitutional rights, and religious freedom. He’s grounded in his faith, and he has the conservative worldview we need.

With the radical Left salivating over our state and conservatives under constant attack, now is not the time to send weak-willed moderates to the State Senate. Only Billy Hickman can be trusted to stand strong for our values, fight against the liberal agenda, and be the conservative this district deserves.

And, just as Billy’s conservative principles uniquely qualify him for the seat, his background in business and finance makes him uniquely qualified to help our state during this current crisis. As the state stretches every dollar, seeks to eliminate waste, and aims to balance the budget in the midst of a pandemic, Billy Hickman’s skills and experience as a CPA will prove invaluable.

As you prepare to vote in this crucial election – a cycle that will determine whether we continue the conservative momentum we’ve experienced or shrink back and let the liberals take our state – know that Billy Hickman truly stands apart. Please joining in supporting this honorable conservative.

Supporting Billy Hickman,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia