BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses David Jenkins for State House

June 5

Bob Trammell must go.

Your representative is a disgrace to your district – working to undermine President Trump and Governor Kemp at every turn, embracing a radical leftist agenda, attacking our religious freedom, and pledging allegiance to the pro-abortion lobby.

That’s why we’re so grateful that David Jenkins has stepped forward to challenge Trammell in November, and we’re looking forward to an epic victory against one of Georgia’s foremost socialist sympathizers.

But, first, we need to help David on June 9th, and we’re asking you to turn out in force.

We need David Jenkins to emerge in this primary. He’s the candidate consistently communicating our conservative message and the candidate working to position himself for a big win in November. As the state looks at the result on June 9th, we need to show conservatives are enthusiastic about David Jenkins and ready to win in the fall.

David is a winner, and he’s ready to put the work in to deliver a victory. He’s a combat veteran, farmer, helicopter pilot, and community leader. Bob Trammell will be far from the toughest adversary he’s faced. He’s defeated adversaries to our values before, and he’s going to bring that same toughness and grit to this race.

And, as our representative, he’s going to bring the conservative values that reflect this district. He’s pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-faith, and believes every child deserves an opportunity to succeed.

This district has voted for Donald Trump. It voted for Brian Kemp. It makes no sense that its representative works tirelessly to undermine the leaders you voted for. It makes no sense that he votes like a California liberal and endorsed Kamala Harris for President. It’s time for a change!

We’re thrilled David Jenkins is running for this seat and honored to support him. Let’s deliver a message on June 9th and rally together to win in November!

Supporting David Jenkins,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director



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