Ask the NCAA to Stand Up for Girls’ Sports

June 11

Dear Friend,

The fight to Save Girls’ Sports is heating up – and we need your help to stand behind female athletes!

With your help, we were able to get the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act passed in Idaho. It ensures that males cannot play in female sports divisions, and it’s the first law of its kind in the nation.

The ACLU recently sued the state of Idaho over this law. You helped us thank the Idaho attorney general for choosing to defend the law despite the ACLU’s pressure.

Now, even while the litigation is just getting started, the ACLU has picked a new target: the NCAA.

Together with other radical organizations and prominent athletes, the ACLU yesterday sent a public letter to the NCAA asking them to ban Idaho from hosting any NCAA events as long as the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act is law. They also specifically requested that the 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship games – which are scheduled to take place in Idaho – be relocated.

In other words, the ACLU wants the NCAA to punish Idaho for being the first state to save girls’ sports.

Not only is this wrong, but it is highly ironic: the ACLU is saying that if leaders won’t bow to their demands to let males play in female sports divisions in Idaho, then the state cannot host any NCAA-sponsored events at all, whether for males or females.

This is bullying, and it must be stopped.

Send a message to the NCAA now to tell them to reject the ACLU’s bullying!

And, mark your calendar for Save Girls’ Sports Week, June 21-27. During that week, we’re asking everyone to post on social media using #SaveGirlsSports. A majority of Americans agree that girls’ sports should be reserved for girls – and given the rapid development of this fight in Idaho, it’s time to share our voice loud and clear. In the coming days, we’ll send you ways you can engage with your friends and post to social media. Watch your email and get ready for Save Girls’ Sports Week!

In the meantime, send the NCAA a message now to Save Girls’ Sports. Don’t let the ACLU get away with its bullying.

Pressing On,

Meridian Baldacci
Communications and Policy Strategist