#SaveGirlsSports Week Has Officially Launched

June 22

Save Girls’ Sports Week is in full swing, and we need your participation now. Please post today on your social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) using #SaveGirlsSports.

If you haven’t heard yet, Save Girls’ Sports Week is our nationwide call to support girls-only sports. Right now, Idaho is the only state with a law ensuring girls sports are just  for girls – and that law is under attack from the ACLU. We’re responding to that lawsuit in full force by calling on leaders nationwide to support laws and policies that ensure girls sports are reserved just for girls.

Here’s why: biological males have advantages like greater bone density, muscle mass, and cardiovascular capacity than girls. This remains true even after males who want to be female have undergone hormone treatment.

How big is the difference of males over females? Here are couple examples:

  • The world record for the men’s 100-meter dash, set by Usain Bolt, is 9.58 seconds. The world record for women, set by Florence Griffith-Joyner, is 10.49 seconds. Females have never broken what’s referred to as the 10 second barrier, while Olympic male finalists consistently break the barrier.
  • In the men’s and women’s finals for the 1500-meter dash, the women’s Gold medalist was more than 17 seconds slower than the last-placing man.

Let any one of those men play in women’s sports: is that fair?

Tanner doesn’t think so.

One girl in each of those races … did not get to compete because of this athlete. It’s not fair scientifically … male and female are made differently… [There are] certain races for males, and there are certain races for females, and I believe it should stay that way.”

We think so, too.

Here’s what you can do: Please post on your social media account now using #SaveGirlsSports. Consider tagging a friend who may be interested. If you are or were a female athlete, we encourage you to share a picture or story about why it’s so important to keep girls’ sports just for girls. Not a female athlete? Please post in support of female athletes and in support of fairness. Just remember to use #SaveGirlsSports.

Don’t have social media? Already posted over the weekend and want to do more? Please sign our petition to lawmakers, supporting efforts toward laws like Idaho’s. Then, FORWARD this email to anyone who may want to participate in this campaign, and check out the Save Girls’ Sports webpage to find out more.

Don’t know what to post? Here are a couple ideas to get you started:

The ACLU once championed girls’ sports – now they want to turn boys into girls’ sports champions and relegate girls to spectators in their own sports. Our girls deserve better. Help us #SaveGirlsSports today!

I’m proud to be a female athlete. In girls’ sports, I enjoy competing against other women in a fair environment. The ACLU is suing to let boys play in female athletics – and that isn’t fair. Letting boys play in girls’ sports means less opportunities for girls – in their own contests. #SaveGirlsSports

Thank you in advance for your participation, and many thanks to those who have already participated. Together, we can Save Girls’ Sports!


Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist