BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Patrick Penn for H.D. 85

July 13

Patrick has set himself apart by his consistent dedication to servant leadership, his Christian faith, and his integrity. He strongly believes in the dignity and value of every human life from cradle to grave and has fought to protect it. His biblical worldview is not limited to the issue of life but permeates his entire life.

Because of this we are proud to announce our endorsement of Patrick Penn for House District 85.

Patrick does not just believe in the values we hold dear; he has lived them out. As a former foster child, he recognizes how important it is to protect the religious liberty of foster families and adoption agencies.

As a business owner and fellow Wichitan, his dedication to raising his family in and growing our community are inspiring. He is a committed family man, with four children, so he understands how important it is to provide our kids with the best educational and career opportunities.

Patrick has served his country overseas in the United States Army. We believe that he will bring this same fighting spirit to protect your God-given freedoms. These skills and experiences uniquely position him to be to be a bridge builder and a difference maker in Topeka.

Patrick is the candidate who has the dedication to House District 85 that will represent you well in Topeka, the clear ability to not just vote for—but to champion—your values at the Capitol, and the servant leadership to build the team it will take to address the challenges facing our great state.


Jeff Bennett
Executive Director