BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Chuck Efstration

October 2

Leadership matters. And, in House District 104, you have an outstanding leader in Representative Chuck Efstration.

Chuck Efstration isn’t afraid of the tough issues. He’s not afraid to take the lead, face opposition, or even go against the grain in his own Party. If he believes something is the right thing – on principle and for his district – he’ll fight for it!

At the same time, Chuck is also unafraid of dialogue. In my time working with Chuck Efstration, we haven’t always agreed. Yet, he never hesitates to sit down, discuss an issue, and always be transparent on where he stands. He doesn’t play games. He sincerely cares to hear every side of an argument, ascertain what is best, and move forward in a way that allows him to deliver results for those he serves.

His conduct as a leader and a listener has earned him the respect of his colleagues. And, it’s earned him a great deal of influence.

For House District 104, Chuck Efstration is a difference maker. Bills he sponsors carry great weight. When the families and businesses of the district have a need, Chuck is a leader with the intellect, willingness, work ethic, and credibility needed to deliver a victory for his constituents.

Chuck Efstration stands for our values, and he fights for our families. Yet, the radical left has made him a top target, and they are now doing everything they can to divide and mislead. Their false campaign against Chuck is disappointing and desperate, and we need to step up and make our voices heard!

I’m proud to call Chuck Efstration a friend, and he has our full support. Please stand with this strong, pro-family representative!

Supporting Chuck Efstration,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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